Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

VFR Navigation

Seeing is Believing

The art of VFR navigation relies on one basic principle: seeing the ground from the air and using it as a reference to stay on course. When weather permits flying by visual reference, pilots can navigate the old-fashioned way – by looking out the window.

Within this section, members discuss the various visual techniques that allow pilots to determine their location and plot a safe path through the sky. These include:

By sharing techniques that have guided pilots since the dawn of aviation, this section aims to convey the simplicity, self-reliance and connection to the natural world that VFR navigation provides.

While modern electronic Navigation systems have made flying easier and safer, the ability to “navigate by eye” remains an essential skill – and a source of joy – for any pilot. The pure wonder of seeing the landscape unfold from above still inspire us to take to the skies.

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