Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Our Team

A Team With Passion for Flight

We are a team of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts with a shared love for all things aviation.

With diverse backgrounds in piloting, aerospace engineering, air traffic control and aviation education, we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and perspectives to our community. But what truly unites us is our passion for the magic of flight and our desire to inspire others to pursue their aviation dreams.

We work tirelessly to cultivate a thriving community that advances the world of aviation. Our team members volunteer their time and resources, motivated by the joy of sharing our aviation knowledge and experiences.

Whether answering questions, mentoring students, hosting events or developing educational resources, we are committed to inspiring and supporting the next generation of aviators and aerospace innovators.

Joining our team is not just a job – it is a mission and a privilege. Together, powered by our shared passion for aviation, we aim to open the skies to all who wish to soar.

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