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Fixed-Wing Rotary Aircraft

Within our fixed-wing community, some members share their passion for the unique category of fixed-wing aircraft that also feature rotary wings. We discuss:

• Autogyros – Light aircraft with a free-spinning rotor system and a separate means of propulsion

• Gyrocopters – Similar to autogyros but with an engine-driven propeller to both provide thrust and rotate the rotor

• Tiltrotors – Aircraft with tiltrotor propellers on the wingtips that can point up or forward for vertical or horizontal flight like the V-22 Osprey

• Gyroplanes – Aircraft with a free turbine-powered propeller and a rotor for control instead of traditional ailerons, rudder and elevator

• Compound helicopters – Helicopters with a propeller or fan in addition to the main rotor for forward thrust

Members share photos, firsthand experiences, knowledge and technical information on the uniqueness, challenges and joys of operating fixed-wing aircraft with rotary components. We celebrate the convergence of rotary and fixed-wing aviation technologies in creative and efficient aircraft designs.

Key topics include:

• Autorotation capability
• Yaw, pitch and roll control
• Vertical takeoff and landing versus conventional runway operations
• Maneuverability and performance
• Maintenance considerations

While a small niche within the larger fixed-wing community, rotary wing aircraft offer an interesting hybrid of capabilities that members enjoy discussing.

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