Thu. Jun 13th, 2024


Our members who fly twin-engine and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft share their experiences, knowledge and passion for:

• Beechcraft – Popular twin piston aircraft like the Baron, Duchess and King Air

• Piper – Twin Comanche, Seneca and Aztec are iconic multi-engine Pipers

• Cessna – Twin Cessnas from the 310 to the Citation business jet lineup

• Mooney – High performance piston twins like the M22 Mustang

• Embraer – Brazilian manufacturer of Phenom and Legacy business jets

• Bombardier – Large-cabin Challenger and Global business jets

• Dassault – French maker of Falcon executive jets

• Gulfstream – Leader in large-cabin, long range business jets

• Boeing – Popular twin-engine commercial aircraft like the 737, 757 and 767

• Airbus – Twin-engine twinjets such as the popular A320

Members share photos, discuss systems, compare features, troubleshoot issues, and explore what it’s like to fly and operate various twin and multiengine planes. We celebrate the perks and challenges of flying twins, from the camaraderie of a shared cockpit to coordinating operations between multiple engines.

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