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Welcome to AviationHQ – your global aviation knowledge headquarters.

AviationHQ connects aviation enthusiasts worldwide to share and discuss everything related to the world of flight. Pilots, mechanics, historians, engineers, cabin crew, and aviation hobbyists exchange knowledge, experiences, and resources.

At AviationHQ our mission is to be the aviation community where:

  • Enthusiasts become experts through lifelong learning from each other.
  • Challenges are solved through the collective wisdom of experienced members.
  • Connections are made to support members at every stage of their aviation journey.
  • The latest news and trends are discussed to advance the industry.
  • An open exchange of ideas fuels innovations and inspires future aviators.

As a member of AviationHQ, you’ll gain access to the following:

  1. Educational resources shared by the community
  2. Expert advice and answers to your aviation queries
  3. Support from fellow aviators on your aviation journey
  4. Industry insights on the latest aviation news and technologies

Join thousands of pilots, mechanics, engineers, students, and aviation enthusiasts from over 190 countries at – your global aviation knowledge headquarters!

We are still under development so please be patient and bear with us if there are any incomplete pages or out-of-pace info.

You can send any suggestions you have to the following email:

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