Wed. Jun 19th, 2024


Soaring Through Time

The HISTORY tab traces aviation’s evolution from dreams of human flight to the wonders of modern air travel. By celebrating aviation’s pioneers, milestones and breakthroughs, we honor a century of progress – and gain inspiration for new innovations to come.

Within the HISTORY tab, you’ll find:

  • Pioneers of Aviation – Members recount the daring early aviators who took the first tentative steps toward powered flight, from the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart to women and people of color who shattered barriers.
  • Significant Events – Members reflect on historic occasions that shaped the course of aviation, from the Dawn of flight and Lindbergh’s transatlantic journey to the invention of jets and the birth of modern airlines.
  • Aircraft Milestones – From the Speed Record-setting Spirt of St. Louis to the first Jumbo Jet, members celebrate the iconic planes that advanced aeronautical engineering and defined new standards for air travel.
  • Innovations and Technologies – Members trace aviation’s progress from biplanes to fly-by-wire, from vacuum tubes to GPS, honoring the technical breakthroughs – both incremental and revolutionary – that pushed the boundaries of flight.

By sharing stories that span over a century of human ingenuity, the HISTORY tab ultimately aims to remind us of aviation’s endlessly expanding possibilities. For with each new achievement, we gain not just deeper understanding but fresh dreams of what might yet be possible in the skies above.

The history of flight is far from over. And by studying how far we’ve come – from dreams of Icarus and Daedalus to the wonders of modern aviation – we may yet gain insight into where we’re meant to go next. For history does not merely recount the past; it also illuminates the roads ahead.

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