Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Flight Instructor

Above all else, a flight instructor is a steward of wonder. Called to fan the first sparks of joy and passion that drew them to the sky, and guide fresh wings through the timeless rite of becoming a pilot.

Lessons begin at the most basic level, teaching the names and functions of every knob and gauge. Patience incarnate, the instructor guides fumbling hands through their first successful takeoffs and landings.

Mastery is grounded in endless repetition of maneuvers, training the body until motions become instinct. But knowledge blooms when paired with wisdom, as stories of triumph and tragedy reveal the depth and responsibility of flight.

With each new skill and confidence, the student’s eyes light up anew at views from the cockpit. The instructor gazes through fresh eyes, reminded of adventures yet to come.

Challenges arise to test temperament as much as skill, exposing what resides within when faced with doubt and peril. Kindred wisdom flows freely now, honed by mistakes the instructor long ago outlived but never forgot.

In the end, certification brings only the illusion of completion. For a true flight instructor the journey has just begun, to soar beside fresh wings and walk familiar paths made strange again by wonder.

And so the sacred trust endures, passed from generation to generation – to fan the sparks of joy and wonder that first drew us to the sky. To guide fresh wings through the ageless rite of learning to fly.

This is the great privilege and burden of a flight instructor – to become the memory of our first flight, and see the world again as if for the very first time.

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