Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


The Wonder of Wings

The Aircraft tab shares the wonder and variety of aviation through discussions on the many incredible machines that take to the skies. Whether large or small, fixed-wing or rotary, our members celebrate aircraft of all kinds that inspire their aviation dreams.

Here you will find photos and stories of training planes that unlocked members’ first tastes of flight, commercial airliners that whisked them around the globe, military aircraft that ignited their childhood fascination, and business jets that enabled their careers.

The thrill of flying a Cirrus for the first time, the challenge of mastering a Robinson helicopter, the adventure of soaring in a glider – our members describe the unique flying experiences made possible by countless aircraft designs.

Within the Aircraft tab, you’ll discover the following categories:

  • Fixed-Wing Aircraft – From the Cessna that started it all to the world’s largest commercial jets, members share their passion for planes powered by propellers and jet engines.
  • Rotary Aircraft – Helicopter and gyrocopter enthusiasts unite to discuss the challenges and joys of vertical flight in all types of rotorcraft from small R22s to massive Chinooks.
  • Lighter-Than-Air – For those seeking a different perspective of the world, our ballooning enthusiasts recount their journeys drifting above the landscape in hot air balloons and airships.

By celebrating the countless varieties of aircraft that enable us to take to the skies, the Aircraft tab hopes to inspire a new generation to pursue their aviation dreams – whatever wings may carry them. Here, the only limit is the imagination of those who design – and fly – these wondrous machines.

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