Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Human Factors

The Human Element of Flying

The Human Factors in Aviation tab explores an area often overlooked – the critical role that human abilities, limitations and interactions play in shaping the safety and efficiency of flight operations. While technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, the capabilities and fallibilities of pilots, controllers and other humans remain essentially the same.

Within this tab, members discuss:

  • Decision Making – Members share experiences of good and bad decisions in the cockpit, highlighting factors that influence pilot judgment such as stress, culture and desire for positive outcomes. The goal is improving rational, evidence-based thinking under pressure.
  • Crew Resource Management – Pilots discuss the need for open communication, assertion and cross-monitoring among flight crews in order to maximize teamwork and utilize all available resources. Recent advances in CRM are also evaluated.
  • Fatigue Management – With first-hand knowledge of the dangers of pilot fatigue, members outline strategies for mitigating its effects, both for themselves and within the larger aviation system.The impact of lifestyle, sleep hygiene and duty hours are examined.

By acknowledging our fallibility under the right conditions, this tab ultimately strives to improve human performance in aviation through self-awareness, training and systems design.

While technology will continue to evolve, it is human factors that will likely determine our ultimate abilities to fly safely and efficiently. Only by understanding the capabilities – and limitations – of the “weakest link” can we design checks, procedures and systems that minimize risk from human error.

Through open and honest discussion of human failings and lessons learned, this tab hopes to cultivate a “safety culture” that views errors not as judgment lapses but as opportunities for education and improvement – paving the way for a new generation of aviators grounded in self-awareness, effective communication and a foundation of trust.

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