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Behind every successful pilot lies years of diligent study and practice. Aviation education begins with the basics and builds upon that foundation at each step. The path to an aviation career follows a set progression through flight training courses and certification.

  • PRIVATE PILOT. The journey begins with the discovery of flight itself. Students focus on the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for basic flying operations. They hone maneuvers and controls through endless hours in the skies above airfields and airports. With hard-earned experience handling plane and weather challenges comes the privilege of solo flight – the first taste of true freedom and mastery over the world below.
  • INSTRUMENT RATING. Climbing higher demands more training. Pilots learn to trust the instrumentation over natural vision, allowing flight through clouds and bad weather. They practice flying solely by reference to the planes gauges and systems, developing the ability to navigate precisely through any conditions. Confidence in the metal birds grows along with wisdom in reading the skies.
  • COMMERCIAL PILOT. When passion ignites, careers launch. Earning a commercial pilot certificate opens the door to flying for a living. Students operate multiple aircraft types, master advanced maneuvers, and log hundreds of hours in the air. They not only become experts in the cockpit but learn to manage the complex business of aviation. Stepping into the role of a pilot in command marks the start of a lifelong journey.
  • MULTI-ENGINE RATING. Wings take flight on more than one engine. Pilots master flying twin-engine planes used for business and cargo transport. They learn to handle engine failures, engine-out procedures, and the unique handling characteristics of multi-engine aircraft. Confidence multiplies as control expands to the complex dance of coordinating two or more powerplants above the clouds.
  • FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR. Wisdom begins with nurturing new wings. Becoming a flight instructor allows one to pass on the precious gift of aviation knowledge. Teaching the next generation grounds a pilot’s own skills while inspiring fresh minds with the magic of soaring through the sky. Guiding students through each certification brings back memories of one’s own training journey and renews appreciation for the art and science of flight. The saga continues, circling back to its beginnings.
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